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Hel's wedding gown

Back in the spring my friend surprised me with the news that she is getting married! My first reaction was 'I aint making your dress!'. Fast forward couple of weeks, I asked her, if I could see what kind of dress she wanted. Fast forward few more weeks I said finally said yes.

Why was I hesitant? Well, making a gown, a wedding gown, is a lot of work! And I am not comfortable with dressmaking. I know a bit about it, but I always fret that my skills wont be enough. And it's someones THE MOST IMPORTANT dress of all! You do not want to fuck that up!!!

Gowns tech flat

Sewing for him - warm winter jacket

What - super warm men's winter jacket
Pattern - self drafted
Materials - wool coating, flannel, fusible interfacing, wool batting and cotton-poly blend sturdy lining

Zebra pajamas

So the summer is long gone from my part of the world. The autumn is in full swing and I am sure first snow isn't that far away. The weather is... gray. Bleh! And it gets dark so damn soon!
In hopes to bring at least some "heat" into this soggy weather I made these zebra print pajamas!

Yes I am sharing pajamas with you!!!

I made two sets, using the same fabric - one long and one short. Bottoms pattern is self drafted and its a one piece leg, without side seams. 
I bought this viscose/cotton blend jersey initially for a bodycon summer dress, but lets face it, my body isn't that fit to wear a bodycon style! And to keep things less monochrome I used some fuchsia pink lace from my stash.

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