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Black draped cowl neck dress

 I apologize for the crappy image quality

What: knee length softly draped dress with cap sleeves and cowl neck.

Fabric: black ponte knit.

Pattern: semi self drafted. I started with this Burda top pattern.

Wedding dress chatter

With spring arriving so did first wedding invites and one bride to be, pegging me to sew her dress. No, I haven't said yes to her.

I am so torn.
I do want to sew it, but I am working a full time job that is so very exhausting at times. Then it’s a white dress. WHITE. Sewing white can be a bitch, pardon my french.
Then there’s the details - where to cut (I don’t have a cutting table and I really can’t see myself lying out five meters of white fabric on my living room floor), how to sew, what materials to use and so on. Sourcing proper quality material at an affordable price can be very hard here in Estonia.
And then there’s me, second guessing my skills and fearing that I will screw it up royally.

So with weddings in the air, I took a look at bridal gown patterns.

Liebster Award

A fellow Estonian blogger Esta gave me the Liebster Award and five questions for me to answer.

1. What’s your favorite type of garment to sew?

Wool coats. If I could I would sew them every day, all day long!
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