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slow fashion october - do I really need all those clothes?

I often wonder, if being part of an online sewing community, makes us actually sew more and thus consume more?
Isn't making your own clothes about not using as much RTW fast fashion and consuming less mass production items that are in poor quality?
I see people sewing one item of clothing per week for themselves. There are 52 weeks in one year.
So, I wonder, if that isb't the same as buying cheap stuff from, I dont know...H&M?

Hey, I am not without guilt here either! I do not need 5 pairs of Ginger Jeans! But I did enjoy sewing them. And lets face it, Ginger Jeans are AWESOME, period.

I live a rather simple life. Work, home, dance. Same shit every week. And I definitely could get by with just one pair of jeans.

So, I want to challenge my self to consume less clothes. I would really like to conduct an experiment of sorts with me; where I'd pick 5 items, 7 tops, from my excising wardrobe and try to get by with just those items for two weeks.

With those 14 days, I am hoping to achieve... 

I am not quite sure yet what the goal really is. Maybe to grow. Maybe this will finally open my eyes and I will understand that it is time to make my self a proper capsule wardrobe. Never know. 
All I know is - I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! Ouh the irony.

So far, my basic list is:
  • slim boyfriend jeans
  • white oversized turtleneck sweater
  • 2 black longsleeves
  • denim shirt
  • grey wool cardigan
  • 3 tanks
I will not include accessories, bags-shoes and outerwear in my list, since weather changes here fast. Never know, it maybe raining knives tomorrow. And yes, the list has more than 7 items on it. 
I also will not set a starting date to this. I generally do not like planning. Shit might come back to haunt me later. I might blog about the experience here, once it is done :)

And to people who are concerned about sanitary aspect of this experiment - modern day people tend to over wash their clothes. That's my professional opinion.

Now that I am all caught up...hopefully I can stick to it and there will be another post next week based on #slowfashionoctober prompts

slow fashion October - who am I?

That's a really good question! I think, I myself am still trying to figure that out - a pre middle age crisis of sorts.


I am Maimu from the land called secret Estonianobody knows where it's at. I was born in Soviet Union actually. 

And it is obvious that I sew. I think my sewing really kicked of in high school thanks to my best friend Kadri. She made herself mad mad clothes! I just got really jealous and decided - hey, sewing can't be that hard! I also really wanted to be like her. She was and still is one awesome person.

Thats me on the right and Kadri on the left. I am wearing 100% handmade outfit. We were at a rave! The year was 2002

Setting up your sewing space and few pointers on ergonomic sewing.

Whether you have a whole room or just a table for sewing, there are few things to keep in mind before you set up your sewing space.

The chair
- should be without wheels. So it wouldn't move while you sew and you can maintain the correct posture. 
- should be with adjustable seat height and with backrest, that has an adjustable height and angle. Backrest should support your lower back while you are sitting on the chair.

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